Monday, August 30, 2010

Why is it important to save endangered species?

I fink it very important to save the endangered species.  Humans have taken over so many animal and plant homes that now they need our help to live.  We share this world with them and we need to respect and care for them.  The main reason that I think that it is important to save endangered species is because they can't save themselves and need our help.  Some people may not even be aware that some species are endangered so we need to raise awareness too.


What I think of people who take advantage of others...

I fink people who takes advantage of other people are mean.  If you have a friend, you should treat dem like you want to be treated.  If one person starts being mean to another person, then it just keeps going and you have lots of people being mean.  If everyone would just be nice to each other, den it would be a nice place.  Everyone should treat others with da golden rule.

~Sharaye Sands

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

If I could have one super power it would be:

If I could has one super power I would want to be able to fly.  I has always wanted to fly ever since I saw my first bird sailing across da sky.  If I could fly, I could go anywhere I wants by myself.  I could go to visit peoples who live far away, and I could play in da clouds.  I could save kitties from bein stuck in da trees.  I wonder what it would be likes to fly through da rain?

Sharaye Sands

Monday, August 23, 2010

When I think of August I think of...

splashing around in the pool as the hot summer sun shines down.  Also that sneaky rain storm that comes outta no where when I'm out playing.  How cool the house feels after running around outside playing, but most of all, school.  I am starting a new school, with a new teacher, a new room, and new kids.  One of my favorite things is my new box of crayons.  

"I love da way dey smell fresh outta da box.  I am also vewy glad dat my sister Tristan is coming with me to school.  Her is my best friend an I knows it won't be as scary at school if her is dere with me!"  ~ Sharaye Sands, Age 4