Monday, August 23, 2010

When I think of August I think of...

splashing around in the pool as the hot summer sun shines down.  Also that sneaky rain storm that comes outta no where when I'm out playing.  How cool the house feels after running around outside playing, but most of all, school.  I am starting a new school, with a new teacher, a new room, and new kids.  One of my favorite things is my new box of crayons.  

"I love da way dey smell fresh outta da box.  I am also vewy glad dat my sister Tristan is coming with me to school.  Her is my best friend an I knows it won't be as scary at school if her is dere with me!"  ~ Sharaye Sands, Age 4


Sloane Woodford said...

It's monsoon season in India right now so talk about a "sneaky rain storm", lol. I'll bet you and your sissy enjoy rain's shimmying surface on the wading pool till your Momma calls you inside for fear of lightning.

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